You probably once saw what a game of golf looks like. You may not have attended the live match or played this very interesting game, but there is no doubt that you saw what it’s all about, at least on TV. So, if you didn’t pay attention, one golf match lasts an average of about 4 hours and involves playing 18 holes. Of course, this can vary depending on many factors, but in essence, it is not possible to finish the game without a couple of hours spent on precisely mowed grass and with a golf stick in your hands.

However, one of the facts is that golf is quite an expensive sport. First of all, the golf course occupies a huge area (about 60 hectares), though there are also smaller courses (30 hectares). However, it needs regular maintenance. In addition, equipment is quite expensive, as well as the membership. This makes golf an elite sport, for people who have enough money. However, this does not mean that there is no room for golf enthusiasts who want to engage in the sport amateurly or recreationally.

One great example is the Idaho Golf Association, where you can become a member and access a variety of educational and competing content. Below, we will talk a bit more about the history, members and competitions organized by this association.

Idaho Golf Association History


The Idaho Golf Association is a non-profit organization founded to give all golf fans in Idaho the opportunity to learn new things, to compete, but also to promote this wonderful sport. The IGA was founded in the year of 1969, which means that the last year, the association celebrated a major jubilee of half a century of existing. Their focus is on professional as well as amateur golf right now, so it’s a great opportunity for everyone to learn about golf and compete with other professionals and amateurs.

Idaho Golf Association Membership


What IGA offers are handicap services as well as a course rating for all club members that are part of the association, but also the ability to participate in various competitions and to educate. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the Idaho Golf Association is there to provide you with the opportunity to compete, and other privileges you may receive as a member.

Currently, over 18,000 members are part of the Idaho Golf Association. This means that all of these players are privileged to participate in various tournaments, events and competitions. The membership also brings many other benefits such as GHIN handicap service, various discounts, PNGA Magazine subscriptions, and travel benefits and discounts. So, being a member is pretty good, right?

Idaho Golf Association Tournaments


As mentioned above, as a member of a club that is part of IGA, you can participate in various competitions and events according to your category. During the season, as many as 18 state championships are held, as well as 30 other events and USGA qualifiers. This gives all golfers across Idaho a chance to enjoy their passion.

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