Best Putter Grip Review and buying guide for top performance

If you are interested to know about the impact of the Best putter grip on your golf game, we are going to guide you through everything here in the following review. Here, we have reviewed the best products for your convenience.

Our Pick
Winn Pro X 1.32-Inch Putter Grip, Black/Blue
Good Pick
Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight Golf Grip, Non-slip, 10.50"L X 1.30"W,...
Don't Miss
Odyssey Putter Grip, Jumbo, Black/Red
Also Consider
Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc Putter Grip
Winn Pro X 1.32-Inch Putter Grip, Black/Blue
Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight Golf Grip, Non-slip, 10.50"L X 1.30"W,...
Odyssey Putter Grip, Jumbo, Black/Red
Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc Putter Grip
Our Pick
Winn Pro X 1.32-Inch Putter Grip, Black/Blue
Winn Pro X 1.32-Inch Putter Grip, Black/Blue
Good Pick
Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight Golf Grip, Non-slip, 10.50"L X 1.30"W,...
Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight Golf Grip, Non-slip, 10.50"L X 1.30"W,...
Don't Miss
Odyssey Putter Grip, Jumbo, Black/Red
Odyssey Putter Grip, Jumbo, Black/Red
Also Consider
Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc Putter Grip
Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc Putter Grip

The list of the best golf putter grips, products on the market is finally ready. Use it if you want to quickly buy a good product. Any golf grips from the list below could be the perfect choice for you.

Also, we have prepared the best buying guide and compiled the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for you. Do not miss reading this guide until the end.

Our Top Reviews

We are proud of our list of the best golf grips. We have prepared unbiased, reliable, and interesting ranking list for people who want to get their first golf grips are ranked based on factors such as price, build quality, material, warranty, and other specifications.

01. Winn X Pro Round Noncord Putter Grips – Best Putter Grip

Winn X Pro Round Noncord Putter Grips


Enjoy your favorite game Golfing with this beautiful Winn X Pro Putter Grips. It features a very less pointed profile. It is made out of Excel Polymer material which is very comfortable and tacky and offers excellent traction that helps to resist club twisting mid-stroke.

Do not miss buying these grips and play with style and comfort!

Tacky and Comfortable Polymer Material

These grips provide an excellent feel that cannot be beaten. So, you are very comfortable and easy while enjoying your play. Also, it is lightweight and reduces total club weight. Ideal for men as well as women.

Ultimate Feel, Thanks to its Staggering Tread Patterns

Winn X Pro Putter Grips are designed with staggering tread patterns that increase the stability of the next rod.

Available in Various Colors

Now play with your favorite colors with this Winn X Pro as it is available in various color combinations such as Black/Blue, Blue/Gray, Red/Gray, Black/Red, and many other attractive colors.

Eliminating Wrist Movement While Playing

Its grips are so comfortable that they eliminate wrist movement while putting strokes. Thus, you can give your best performance using this grip.

Designed with WinnLite Technology

This Winn X Pro is designed with WinnLite Technology that gives it the standard grip weight. More it’s lightweight, more enhances club head feel. It also provides stability during the play as well.

  • Feels so good
  • Perfect size
  • Very tacky
  • Superb material
  • Some users experienced poor quality


02. Super Stroke 3.0 Lightweight Golf Putter Grip – Best Grip for Professional Players

Super Stroke 3.0 Lightweight Golf Putter Grip


SuperStroke Slim 3.0 is one of the most used putter grips on the tour. More than 125 professional players use SuperStroke grips. These grips help the best players in the world to optimize their putting. This grip is worn by Victor Dubuisson who is the star player of the hexagon.

The Parallel Technology Design

Parallel Technology reduces the pressure of your hands on the grip and eliminates a series of parasitic movements that affect the regularity of the putting.

SuperStroke grips allow smoother, more relaxed movement for regularity gain and optimum precision.

A New Theme with Cross Traction Technology

Lighter material is used for the SuperStroke design, called CrossTraction technology which improves feel and playability.


SuperStroke grips have the same installation process as a normal grip. All you need is double-sided tape and thinner to dilate the glue before putting the grip on the shaft.

After installation, you only have to wait an hour, the time when the glue dries and fixes the grip.

Countercore Technology

CounterCore technology allows you to refine the feel of your putter. Also, it reduces face angle rotation and improves trajectory for a more consistent and reliable run.

A 50g counterweight and wrench are provided with each CounterCore grip. A threaded aluminum plug is also included when the counterweight is not used.

  • Perfect size
  • Great grip
  • Easy to install
  • Significant putting improvement
  • Skin pilling issues raised by some users


03. SAPLIZE Lightweight Grip Excellent Push for Golfer – Best Lightweight Putter Grip

SAPLIZE Lightweight Grip Excellent Push for Golfer


If you are looking for a lightweight yet super traction grip, do not miss to buy this product. It is designed with an anti-slip pattern that offers an excellent push for the players.

Super Light Material

This putter grip is designed with EVA material which is super light. It burdens a few on the wrist and hand so players can feel better while playing.

Also, it offers better control.

Various Colors to Choose From

Putter grips by SAPLIZE offer various colors. So, choose your favorite color that suits your personality and play with style!

V-Taper Shape

These grips are designed with a V-taper shape that locks up positions and delivers feedback precisely from your all strokes.

Easy to Install

It comes with upgraded tape 2” x 10” with 0.2 mm thickness which is easy to be activated by solvent and removed when regripping.

Flat-Surface Design

Also, it is designed with a flat surface so you can easily and quickly get the right position while playing Golf. Also, it has tacky and unique boomerang patterns that bring good traction.

Ergonomic Shape

It is designed with a special pistol shape for perfect fitting and sets in your palm easily. With its comfortable shape, you can easily aim precisely.

  • High quality
  • Great grip
  • Feels great
  • Perfect fit
  • Some users complained about its poor quality


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04. Super Stroke 3.0 Putter Grip 1.30″ Diameter

Super Stroke 3.0 Putter Grip 1.30″ Diameter


Super Slim 3.0 is brought to you by Super Stroke who is a leader in making superior Putter Grips. This model is also used by PGA Tour Pro Jason Dufner.

This is one of the most popular products available on the market.

Designed with Parallel Technology

This grip also offers parallel technology in this 1.30-inch grip. This technology allows parallel pressures in both hands and so it eliminates extra tensions in forearms as well in the wrists.

It helps the player to play swing-free and also enhances pendulum stroke.

New High-Tech PU Material

Super Stroke 3.0 is designed with high-tech Polyurethane Material which is offering Cross Traction Technology for tackiness and improved fees.

USGA Approved Product

One of the best parts of this putter grip is that it is approved by USGA (The United States Golf Association) so we can say that it is a genuine and reliable grip.

Comfortable Grip

These grips are designed uniquely that it offers super comfort while using. Its 3.0 size is large enough so you do not have to grip it so hard.

The club will feel secure in your hands without any more tensions in your wrists and arms. After using this grip, you will notice an improvement in your longer putts especially. You will surely be satisfied after purchasing this putter grip.

  • Comfy golf grip
  • Lasting product
  • Super soft feel
  • USGA approved
  • Fades and becomes yellow after some usage

05. Karma Grip Shape Paddle Dual-Touch Grip – Best Value

Karma Grip Shape Paddle Dual-Touch Grip


Karma always offers the best value in terms of grips. If you are in search of the best putter grips, this dual touch putter grip by Karma is also one of the best products.

It is designed with a classic black cap with modern colors and styling in a popular midsize shape.

Solid Feels

This grip feels like a quality grip so you always give your best performance during your play. The tractions control build on the playability and feel of the original grip.

This Dual-Touch Grip has an advanced design that improves the chances of producing a repeatable grip with its every stroke.

Soft Rubber Compound

Karma grips featuring a new softer rubber compound. It is designed with multi-texture grips that offer slip-resistance where it is needed but it is still maintaining a great and soft feeling.

Midsize – Perfect for all Putters

Karma Dual Touch Grip comes in a midsize with a thickness between Jumbo and Standard. Order it now and improve your performance in your favorite game.

  • Great feel and super value
  • Excellent mid-size grip
  • Perfect fitting
  • Some users complained that its rubber dries out in just a few weeks


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06. ODYSSEY Tactile Construction Material Putter Grip

ODYSSEY Tactile Construction Material Putter Grip


For golfers who prefer a standard size putter grip with a soft sticky feel. This gripped handle molds perfectly in your hands without the hard edges and the stiffness that gives you easy on each putt.

This company specializes in the manufacture and sale of straight and finished grips. More than 100 players have, since the company’s beginnings, adding this element to their iron handle.

High-Stability for Good Performance

The grip becomes more stable, less nervous, and the flat surface on the top helps stabilize the hands to go with a more convincing momentum!

No matter how you putt, whether you are leaning over your ball, back straight, arms outstretched, arms stretched out at an angle, kicks are a part of the life of golfers.

Firm Presence of Handle

Your trajectory during the backswing is easier to draw, in particular, due to the fact that the fingers have more room on the mallet of the stick, thus tightening less to keep control of it.

You will also like the marketing of the company: young, dynamic, and colorful.

Constancy in Holding the Handle

You will feel the difference, inconstancy, the direction of the stick when swinging back, and in the feeling that the stick gives when you hold it in your hand.

  • It comes in different styles and attractive colors
  • Fitting of the semi-pistol shape of the grip gives great convenience
  • It is designed with various sizes for hands
  • Manufacturing is done by using tactile material
  • It is quite bigger than its regular size

07. Arm-Lock Golf High-Quality Materials Putter Grip

Arm-Lock Golf High-Quality Materials Putter Grip


Days, everything falls, every ball, every shot, from all distances. These days, your gold stick grip becomes your best friend.

Those who have already had the satisfaction of succeeding in a 30 ft. birdie roll know what is this all about. Let us see a new product for straight irons that, honestly, will help golfer’s putts with more confidence!

For all the hurdle-free experiences on your way here is the Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grip!

Having a Standard Thickness Coating

The fundamental component to consider is the thickness of the grip. Also in this case. it is necessary to take into account the thickness and make the overall choice of the putter above all on the basis of its own characteristics and needs.

Equal Distribution of Weight

The thickness of this grip is assumed to be heavy and bulky. But this grip distributes the weight evenly on your hands without creating any tension and sweat. The high-quality length provides a great alternative to the regular size grip.

No Variation in Stroke and Providing Balanced Distribution

People usually face variations in their strokes and swings because of the clumsiness faced while holding the handgrip. But thanks to this grip, it has been able to distribute equal pressure resulting in hitting the ball with a better stroke.

You will definitely experience a smooth stroke hit.

  • Comfortable and firm feeling
  • The external dimension of the handle comfortable for hands
  • Internal dimension as per standard to hold on a great grip
  • 100% rubber and sustains in extreme weather also
  • Fits snugly at times


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08. Callaway Construction Material Odyssey Jumbo Light Putter Grip

Callaway Construction Material Odyssey Jumbo Light Putter Grip


Too short, too long, badly aligned, bad backswing, and etc. All these reasons are good for missing putts. However, the days when the straight iron does not want, it becomes a real nightmare.

For this matter, you definitely, have to know about a product that will leave you perplexed at first, but which, after testing, will pleasantly surprise you. Yes, it is about the company Odyssey, manufacturer of golf club grips! You surely saw it on the ground on television.

Production with Different Styles

Odyssey produces more than twelve kinds of straight iron handles grips, from small to extremely large! This product, basically, allows a better grip on the stick, considering that the momentum on a putt is not very pronounced and that it must be carried out gently.

It puts our hands back in known situations, like having a baseball bat or even hockey in the hands.

Variation for Each type of Handle

As it is mentioned here, several models are available. The handle grip that is highlighted here is not the biggest, but not far.

Obviously, a short adaptation period will be required to understand your new tool, but around thirty putts on a Greenfield will be enough to get you used to it!

It is also easy to install without any type of hustle.

  • Having Semi-pistol shape for easy holding and stability
  • Comes in variety and different sizes for all type of handles
  • The feel of the overall grips is enhanced because of the tactile material
  • Chances of hand friction


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09. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Non-Tapered Putter Grip

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Non-Tapered Putter Grip


A recommendation always is to change the “grips” at least once a year, depending on the use. This change and for the good grip of the clubs will allow you not to hurt the product during the installation process.

It will also provide the appropriate advice to take the necessary measures to know which size of ‘grip’ should be installed, be it ‘undersize’, standard, ‘midsize’, or ‘oversize’, which ostensibly helps the golfer’s game.

These Gold Pride Putter grips of different textures are also available, which help improve feel and confidence when holding the golf club.

Designed for all Types of Golf Sticks

All kinds of rods for ‘putts’, irons, woods, and ‘drivers’ in ‘extra stiff’, ‘stiff’, regular, senior, and junior, this grip has been forever a most favorable choice.

It is important to know what type of rod should be installed in the clubs that make up each client’s golf equipment since the speed of the ‘swing’ greatly influences it.

At this point also lies the great importance of the accompaniment of the qualified personnel in identifying the key pieces.

‘Lie’ and ‘Loft’ Settings

It has the flexibility to make any type of adjustment, it is very important and especially in the wrought irons to check periodically since this varies according to the height of the player or his posture.

  • The non-tapered shape of the grip helps in better holding
  • Grip sizes come in a large outfit to fit everywhere
  • Traditional looks make it more attractive
  • Easy to install without any hustle
  • Too big for local sticks

10. Loudmouth High Performance Oversize Putter Grip

Loudmouth High Performance Oversize Putter Grip


Having the right grip is the most important fundamental aspect of golf. The correct grip helps to hit the ball with power, precision, or consistency.

With this Loudmouth Paintballz grip, you can get perfect stability and holding. This grip is perfect for strengthening specific muscles as it creates muscle memory for proper positioning and grip of the hand. Made with strong tactile material has added more strength and durability to this product.

Best Accessory

This grip is considered as perfect golf training equipment for practice, use it in your clubs to practice and play. All-time ready to provide a non-slip effect. It also provides a comfortable feeling and excellent detox absorption.

Suitable in all Weather Conditions

The inner tube of the grip is made of EVA foam, and a waterproof layer is arranged in the middle, it can be used in any season/weather. The particle layer gripping surface has a very powerful driving force, both non-slip and wear-resistant.

PU grip with diversified styles, patterns, and colors, which meets the requirements of the innovative club grip design.

Functional Support & Right Training

Grip training provides the correct position of the hands. This leads to longer, straighter shots, precise finger, and hand placement. You can always try and test the product before its use.

  • Made of qualified, lightweight, durable, and soft PU material
  • Easy to absorb the shock wave
  • It can increase stability and strength when putting on
  • It helps to hit the ball with power, precision, or consistency
  • Causes friction

What is the Putter Grip?


A putter grip is to hold the club with your thumb side-by-side and your hand cupped in the back. It offers a better hold and control on your putter. A thick layer putter grip can help you to improve your golf performance.

The best players wield the putt in such a way as to ensure that the palms of their hands are well aligned facing each other. It would be better to have the sensation that the palm of the right hand points towards the hole, also for the back of the left hand.

Many of my professional players prefer to take the putter using a grip called “reverse overlap” that forces the left forefinger to be positioned on the right little finger. Thus, making it easier for your hands to move as if they were a single body.

On the other hand, this type of grip helps to reduce the movement of the wrists. Our opinion is that this type of grip has a few modifications, making it less invasive.

If you have a shot that is low on a fast green, take the lowest Putter, this factor will make your hands be closer to the ball and give you more control of the Putter’s head.

Grip thickness

It is important to have the correct thickness of the grip because it could condition your way of patting. If you have small hands, choose a narrower grip.

But if you have large hands and long fingers, it would be the case to opt for a wider grip that could help them to sensitize the blows and get more benefits.

How To Select The Best Golf Grips: Let’s Start


The putter grip is something that a large part of players change every 10 or 12 years. If you are still confused, which is the best golf grips for sweaty hands and how to buy them properly, we have prepared the best buying consideration in the following.


One of the most important factors of any golf grip is its material. If you want to find a golf grip that will serve you for many years, you will have to buy an expensive model made from the best materials.

But not only that but with more important details that sometimes go unnoticed:

– Perfect size.

– The right weight for the correct balance of your clubs.

– Appropriate material for your skin type and your sweating.


Size is the most important factor to consider while buying the best putter grip. With the right-sized grip, a first-class golf club becomes your golf club. It is available from small (undersize) to medium (standard, midsize) to large (jumbo, oversize).

On the internet, you can get the right handles for every golf club model. Because in addition to the weight, the lie, the loft, and the size of the clubhead, the right golf club grip is also decisive for your success while playing.

By the way, you can also optically upgrade your racket with a new handle.

Grip Anatomy

Grip Mouth: It is the small opening at the beginning of the grip, we will find different types and sizes.

Body of the Grip: It is part that really in which the hand comes into contact with it, and that is found in different types of materials, sizes, and densities.

Grip Head: It is the final part of the grip that exerts the stop effect and protects the rod when storing the clubs in the golf bag.

Firm Grip In Any Weather

First-class equipment from renowned top brands, such as Winn, Golf Pride, Lamkin, or Super Stroke. You can find golf club grips not only in every size but also for special requirements.

The Multi-Compound grips from Golf Pride, for example, offer a special mixture of rubber and webbing that ensures a firm grip in any weather. Grips with Winn’s Dri Tac™ technology are extremely water-repellent and have optimal shock absorption.

And the Fatso from Super Stroke is the right putter grip for golfers with big hands.

Consider When Should You Change The Putter Grip!

Putter handles also belong, as handles for the woods, irons, and wedges are regularly replaced. They also lose grip, but especially become harder over time and no longer feel like they did at the beginning. Here are some pointers that it’s time to change your putter grip

– If you are on the court every week, your grip should not be older than two years.

– Don’t judge putting as your strength, but play a putter with a thin grip.

– Change the grip technique (e.g. from interlock to claw grip).

– If you have no sense of the length and/or direction of the putts.

– Though your putter’s weight distribution doesn’t feel good (e.g. the head is too heavy or too light).

– If you have never changed the putter grip and are not satisfied with your putt score.

Rules Of Thumb

Rules of thumb that can help you find the right putter grip for you.

– A straight putt movement is supported by larger handles.

– Players with a circular putt movement benefit from thinner grips because the hands can rotate better.

– A putt movement with low clubhead rotation is supported by larger grips.

– If the putting movement is inconsistent and there are problems with the direction, a heavy grip can help as it stabilizes the movement.

– Players with distance problems should not play with handles that are too thick/heavy.

– A thin and light grip often fits better with a small club head (blade) because the player needs a lot of feedback.

– Thick and heavy handles fit larger putter heads, as these stabilize the movement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands

man holding putter grip

If you have any questions in your mind related to the best golf grips, do not miss to read following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How expensive should a good golf putter grip be?

A. The best putter grip is not always the most expensive. However, the higher the price, the better the quality of a product. This rule also applies to golf grips, so if you want to get a good model, we recommend that you not be too stingy.

Q. Do I have to worry about buying putter grips online?

A. Many people use online shopping every day. It is absolutely safe because it is protected by layers of customer protection programs. You are not risking anything by ordering golf grips on online shops as you can easily return them and get your money back.

We see no reason to worry when ordering online. It’s a convenient, inexpensive, fast, and of course safe purchase method.

Q. What do I need to check before choosing golf grips?

A. Thanks to online shops, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Choosing a putter grip on this site is very simple! You can check the pictures. Read the detailed description of any specific golf grips and read various user reviews.

Learn from other people’s experiences.

Q. What type of putter is ideal?

A. There is no universal formula to know if one or the other putter suits you. The big golf brands try to design generic models, which adapt more or less to everyone, but the reality is that in order to make a leap of quality in your game it is best to make a custom fitting.

Q. What are the different ways to get the putter grip?

A. There are different ways to get the golf putter or grip. There is no one type that is better or worse than another. It is simply a very personal choice and what may work for one may not work for another player.

The most used putter grips are:

  1. Standard grip
  2. Cross-handed
  3. The Claw
  4. 10-finger grip

But there are other very personal ways on how to catch the putt. If your grip is solid and you have sufficient confidence in it, when playing the putter there is no need to modify anything about the grip.

Maybe you should work on other aspects such as speed or the line of putt.

Q. What is the best way to find out which type of putter grip is the most convenient?

A. The best way to find out which type of putter grip is the most convenient or what favors us the most is to practice the types of grip that we believe will be better for us and train both short and long distances.

Over on the golf course and then on the putting green. Hours and hours of training. It can be misleading to throw balls on the practice green for a 10-minute day and believe that we have hit the nail on the head with the way to catch the putter.

What one day can be useful and comfortable offering us good feelings, the next day it may not serve us and we do not pocket as many balls.

Q. Should I get putter grips with a lifetime warranty?

A. The companies that make golf grips offer all kinds of guarantees for any taste. Usually, cheap models have only a 6-month warranty or they don’t at all.

Average users recommend choosing golf grips with a 2-year warranty, but we believe that the 5-year warranty is much better and safer.

At the same time, our team would not recommend that you buy models with a lifetime warranty, as the vast majority of them are overly expensive.

Q. What is the ideal putter grip size should I use?

A. The USGA (United States Golf Association) limits the size of putter grips to 1.75”. The grip’s weight puts a foremost impression. Lightweight grips make the clubhead feeling heavier as it increases the swing’s weight.

On the other hand, heavy grips make the head feel light.


In general, the right putter grip can improve the feeling, in the swing, and in the moment of impact and thus, lead to fewer putts. There are enough examples in which a different grip has improved the technique and the player has thus used two to three putts less per round.

Incorrect or inappropriate grip for the player can cause the club, even though they have an excellent assembly to give the player such an unpleasant sensation that he cannot, therefore, be comfortable with the club.

So, it is very important to buy the best grip.  Hopefully, after reviewing these products review and buying guides, you decide which is the best putter grip that works best for you.

Check out some other picks from Amazon also:

Zenesty Golf Putter Grips Midsize for Men 45g 2.0 Fit Most Iron Club Pistol Shape Lightweight Tacky...
  • [SPECIAL SHAPE]This White Black Golf Putter Grips Midsize is Pistol Shape Designed, It fits the palm of the hand when held tightly, Help Improving Putting Skills. With Stylish Silver Line Design, It Adds Vitality to Golf.
  • [ANTI-SLIP] This White-black Golf Putter Grip Surface Matching with Delicate Pattern,Sticky Touch, to Play a Good Anti-skid Effect, Prevent Golfer's Hands from Slipping in Bad Weather Conditions.
  • [LIGHT WEIGHT] The Exterior is Made of Pu Material and the Interior is Made of Eva Sponge, Thereby Reducing Vibration Feedback of the Golf Putter. The Imprinted Groove on the Surface of the Grip Cover is Shock-proof and Decreases the Fault Tolerance Rate.
  • [PRODUCT SPECS]Size : Mid , Core Size : 0.600" Round , Grip Length : 10.50" , Weight : 45g, Diameter : 1.30",Color:White Black
  • [SERVICE]We Are Excited to Make and Offer High-Quality Golf Putter Grip for All Our Customers. If You Are Dissatisfied with the Product, You Can Return It in Full, Which Will Not Cause Any Loss to You and Let You Worry-free Shopping!
Golf Putter Grip for Mens PU Material Lightweight Portable Soft Many Color to Choose (Black-White)...
  • ❤️【Function】This black white putter grips is suitable for most of the golf putter club shaft diameter about 15 MM(0.6in)If your old grip is uncomfortable, you can consider replacing it. It is very easy to install, shock absorption, slip-proof, comfortable and beautiful.❤️❤️ LIMITED PROMOTION,WILL RETURN TO ORIGINAL PRICE SOON ❤️❤️
  • ❤️【Features】Hexagonal concave surface design, effectively avoid the problem of sliding when gripping the handgrip when hitting the ball. Unique line pattern design. In order to achieve different visual effects and feel, the player can push the ball into the hole more confidently
  • ❤️【High-Material】PU is used on the outside, EVA foam is used on the inner tube, there are many small holes, which can reduce the vibration of swing. Environmentally friendly material, very portable, increasing comfort and feel of grip
  • ❤️【Specifications】The golf putter grips weigh is about 60 grams and the length is about 10.5 inch. The diameter of the end is 1.3 inch and the outer diameter of the front end is 1.2 inch. At the same time, there are 8 kinds of colors available, which can be selected in a wide range. Such a good grips putter can also be given to your friends as a delicate gift
  • ❤️【Reference of the way to install the grips】Prepare a set of tools: sol, double-sided glue, hook knife, pointed bottle or spray pot. Step 1: Cut off the old grip and clean the club. Second: wrap the clean area of the club with new double-sided glue. Step 3: Sprinkle the sol evenly, and fill the pipe with a little sol to shake evenly and lubricate fully.
Winn Dri-Tac Putter Grip Dark Gray - Midsize Pistol - .590" Core
  • Midsize Pistol Size
  • Tour proven and preferred pistol profiles
  • Dri-Tac performance material offers the ultimate in comfort
  • Feel and slip resistance in all weather conditions
  • Optimum design and pattern promoting a pure putting stroke
YAMATO Golf Putter Grips,Ultra Light Non-Slip Washable Soft Putter Grip With Ergonomics Pistol Shape...
  • MICROFIBER SILICON BEAD (MFS) WRAP TECH -- YAMATO putter grips covered a layer of microfiber (MF) silicone bead (S) material wicks away moisture while the silicone beads provide tackiness and enhanced tactile feel. This promotes totally unmuted feedback during ball-strike, eliminating miss-hits and improving distance control.
  • ERGONOMIC CLASSIC PISTOL PROFILE -- The arched-pistol shape pairs a smooth paddle front and a microfiber silicone bead wrap, effectively help equalise grip pressure to both hands resulting in better control and providing added comfort and touch on the greens.
  • ULTRA-LIGHT & WASHABLE -- Our grip made of premium microfiber wrap and lightweight EVA inner tube .The ultralight EVA foam allows for a lighter weight grip to maximize feel.MFS washable material makes it easier to clean your grip.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE HANDS FEELING -- YAMATO grips engineered for softer feel and high feedback.Size, shape, material and surface texture combine to promote a consistent grip pressure and a smooth, repeatable putting stroke.
  • 5 OPTIONAL COLORS PISTOL PUTTER GRIPS -- Spec: core size 0.60", weight=50g, length=10.5", top width=1.47", top height=1.22",bottom width=1.1", bottom height=1" multiple colors of putter grips are perfect golf sports.
Golf Putter Grips Midsize LightWeight 3.0 EVA Foams Anti-Slip Silica Gel Particles Many Color Choice...
  • ❤️[Non-Slip Grip]-The red golf putter grip surface has a layer of silica gel particles, so it has a very powerful driving force, both anti-skid and wear-resistant. There is a layer of waterproof super-fiber inside, regardless of any season, the climate can be used. The surface is made up of starfish with beautiful and lovely patterns.❤️❤️ LIMITED PROMOTION,WILL RETURN TO ORIGINAL PRICE SOON ❤️❤️
  • ❤️[Feeling-Comfortable]-This putter grips is non-slip, ultra-light, waterproof and wear-resistant,with excellent touch and comfort, so that you can enjoy the whole playing process
  • ❤️[Light-Weight Material]-This putter grips is made from inside to outside with high quality material which is beneficial to human body. The inner tube of the grip is made of EVA foam, and a waterproof layer is arranged in the middle
  • ❤️[Product-Specs]-This grips putter has a midsize size,suitable for all the golf club shaft is about 0.6 in,and the weight is 51 grams, tolerance of about 2-3 grams, length of 11 inch,various color available
  • ❤️[Note and Tips]-When you want to change your golf putter grips by yourself, use professional tools and be careful. If you are not familiar enough with the replacement procedure, you can search for some reference videos on the Internet to replace them
yamato Golf Putter Grips for Men Women Oversize 3.0 Lightweight Golf Grips,Non-Slip & Comfortable...
  • FASHION STYLE PUTTER GRIPS:As we set out to design this new putter grip. we wanted to be bold but keep it classy.The result is a series of exquisite and ultra-high-quality putter grips for every golfer who wants to make a personalized statement without sacrificing performance.
  • ERGONOMIC SHAPE:YAMATO oversize 3.0 putter grip can help equalise grip pressure to both hands resulting in better control and providing added comfort and touch on the greens.
  • ADVANCED MATERIAL:Each golf grip material is made from a fabric reinforced polyurethane sheet with a thermoformed rubber inner structural frame.And there is a layer of waterproof microfiber. Environmentally friendly materials, very portable, increase comfort and feel of grip.
  • HIGH FEEDBACK:The stitched synthetic urethane grip incorporates a low-profile embossed honeycomb pattern which allows the feel of the putt to transfer seamlessly into your palms – for the ultimate feedback while putting.
  • STYLISH PATTERN: Yamato golf club grips focus on style design, with a variety of fashionable pattern designs to choose from, bringing players different visual effects and personalized labels.Such a good grip putter can also be used as an exquisite gift to your friends
Winn NTP (No Taper Pistol) 1.10" Midsize Putter Grip - Red
  • Grip Weight: 126 Grams
  • Grip Shape: Pistol
  • Grip Size: Midsize (1. 10" OD)
  • Grip Length: 10. 66"
  • Grip Core Size: 0. 590"