The golf stand bags have become one main reason for the golfers to enjoy the game. The expedient golf bags are the most suitable for the game and the players. The bag has a number of zipper pockets of different sizes, and three-way dividers can accommodate the golf clubs, balls along with accessories like golf shoes, golf umbrella, mobile, wallet, water bottle etc. The bag has a flexible strap to carry it like a backpack. 

Best Golf Stand Bag Online

The bag is specially designed to have a built-in stand facility. It makes the bag convenient, sturdy and long durable.  Given below is a list of brand golf stand bags along with the features in brief and buying guide for your reference.

#1 TaylorMade Golf Stand Golf Bag

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The TaylorMade 5.0 golf bag with an in-built stand facility is a very spacious stand bag that remains lightweight even after carrying the golf accessories while playing on the golf course. The entire design of the bag is most suitable for all golfing needs. The special storage area on the top for the golf clubs, the six pockets of different sizes having sturdy zippers makes it large and well-secured. It can accommodate golf accessories along with other items well. 

The TaylorMade bag is made of nylon, plastic rubber, and iron, which remains compact in size and the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry on the back. The bag has a non-slippery, anti-split stand, and the EVA moulded pads on either side make it easy to position the bag at one place while playing golf. The most convenient bag encourages golfers to spend more time on the golf course.

Things We Like

  • TaylorMade bags are spacious, lightweight, and easy to carry.
  • The adjustable strap & anti-split stand are highly useful features.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The product-delivery takes time after placing the order.

#2 Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Golf Bag

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Orlimar pitch and putt lightweight golf bag is easy to manage with a strong handle to carry. The bag is manufactured with careful reinforced stitching. The ultra-lightweight design with spacious pockets on the top and one bigger-sized pocket for the accessories makes it most useful for the users to carry while playing the golf. The kick-stand is easy to use. It keeps the bag and accessories clean.  

If you carry the Orlimar golf bag on your shoulder while walking on the golf course, then it enhances your confidence and makes you play a better game.  The bag remains in vertical shape and it is easy to carry the bag in the car without any damages. It is made of nylon and having rubber, plastic, and iron as a part of it.  The bag can be presented to a young golfer as a birthday gift. 

Things We Like

  • The lightweight stand/carry bag is always preferred.
  • Durable handle helps in carrying the bag full of accessories.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The product should be made available in multiple colours.

#3 Par3 Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag

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Par3 lightweight golf stand bag specially designed to enjoy the Sundays. The premium quality golf bags not only make you enjoy your Sunday on the golf course with friends, but you will play a better game and surprise everyone around.  The golf bag with an easily manageable kickstand always gets noticed and gets appreciation from all. Such exceptional features help the golfers to get involved in the game of golf.

 The durable, stylish golf stand bags with a number of folds and pockets make it convenient to store the necessary accessories inside. The reinforced stitches of the bag remain powerful and the use of the nylon material with high-quality and spongy pads makes the bag most ideal for golf.  Par3 Sunday golf bag is stylish, colourful, compact, lightweight, and handy, which can be useful while storing golf clubs, balls, wallets, towel, cell and sunglasses.

Things We Like

  • Stylish and spacious bag with a user-friendly design.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The straps should be flexible for free handling.

#4 Tangkula Lightweight Organized Golf Bag

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Tangkula golf stand bag is available in blue and black color and has an elegant design.  The 3-way stand makes it useful while playing on the golf course. The bag also has a shoulder strap which adjustable and can be easily carried along with the accessories such as golf clubs, balls, water bottle, wallet, sunglasses, mobile, and wallet. It helps the golfer to plan the game in a better way. 

The Tangkula golf bag is made of polyester material with fibre, iron and rubber. It also makes use of high-quality PP plastic. The bag has several folders having zippers for secured storage. The bags are long-lasting and consider as premium travel helpers because it can get adjusted while travelling. The solid foot support keeps it straight, which takes less space. The rubber pipes at the bottom avoid any scratches or damages to the bag.

Things We Like

  • Nicely designed bags with a stronger base do not get damaged.
  • Easily accommodating bags are preferred during the journey.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The bags should be available in different colours.

#5 Cobra  Ultralight Sunday Bag

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Cobra Golf Sunday bag has become one of the popular brands in the market. The golf stand bag is specially developed by taking care of the issues that the golfers face during the practice sessions on Sundays. The design of the bag is exclusive with a modern look and feel. The material used is of high-quality polyester which also includes sturdy rubber and premium quality plastic. The ultra-light in weight bag gets all attention.

The structure of the Cobra golf bag is divided into different parts. The top portion manages the golf clubs with a handle to grab. The oversized pockets apparel pockets, fleece-lined valuables pockets and mesh beverage pocket. The pockets are useful in storing the golf-accessories as well as personal belongings. You can hold the bag on your back using the long straps while playing the favourite game of golf on Sundays. 

Things We Like

  • It has a number of useful pockets

Things We Didn’t Like

  • N/A.

Buying Guide Golf Stand Bag

The buying guide will help you to find the significant features of the golf bags given in the list above. It helps you make your mind before you buy a golf bag. 

Design of the bag: The design of the bag helps you to decide the usefulness of the bag. Complicated designs should be avoided. The golf bag should have spacious pockets shoulder-straps and the 3-way stand, which is ideal. It helps to carry and place the bag easily with no hassles.

The material of the bag: Make sure that the material of the bag is of high-quality and remains long durable. The premium quality plastic and sturdy rubber should be used with nylon fabric. It is easy to use and wash.

Spacious pockets: The entire bag should be divided into different areas having pockets of uneven sizes. The pockets help in carrying many objects relating to the game and the personal items together.

Also, the bags should have a warranty or exchange for manufacturing defects. The price of the bag should be reasonable and have a discount.  

Final Words:

The game of golf has become popular, and the golf bags are in demand today. Several branded companies are offering high-quality bags with a lot of features at affordable prices. Check the list given above of branded golf stand bags and also refer to the buying guide before you book a golf stand bag online.


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