Golf pants are different from regular pants. The golf pants are specially designed to feel comfortable while playing the game. These pants have roomier crotch, which makes the movement easier while getting out of golf carts. The pants are wider and having straight design and bigger cuffs. The pants are most suitable for the humid and hot atmosphere around the golf course. 

Best Golf Pants Online

The golf pants are part of the golf outfit permitted by the golf authorities. The high-quality fabric remains clean after long usage. The designer golf pants help in offering a stylish look and professional approach to the game of golf. Given below are five branded golf pant which looks stylish and fits well while playing the golf. You can make your choice to get the best golf pant.

#1 Amazon Essentials Golf Pants


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Amazon Essentials golf pants are the most comfortable golf pants used with a moisture-wicking fabric. Its material is stretchable, adds comfort and flexibility to the golf pants. The tilt pockets on both sides and zipped back pockets give it a stylish look.  You can wear it all day while playing, and it absorbs all the sweat and makes you dry and fresh. The pants can be machine-washed and remain clean for long, even after regular usage.

The Amazon Essentials golf pants are of high-quality. The manufactures have taken care of pants well by considering each customer’s review and the suggestions. The pants are affordable, long-lasting, and reliable. They are available in different variety of colors to choose for the players. More focus is on the golfer’s choices, which makes them look professional and can maintain the high standard. 

  • Pros
  • The design and material make it comfortable and reliable.
  • It is available in many different colours.


  • The product is available in some limited places.

#2 PGA TOUR Golf Pants

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PGA Tour golf pants are famous among the golfers across the world. The flat golf pants are designed to make the players feel stress-free and relaxing during the play. The pants are made of pure polyester and are of imported quality. It has moisture absorption capacity, which keeps it cool and dry. The pant with Sun flux material protects the skin from the hot and humid weather. The wide-leg area offers more room for movement while walking or sitting during the play. 

The fit and fine PGA Tour golf pants are based on moisture-wicking technology. The golfers perform better and play their natural game while enjoying the feel of golf pants. The lightweight mesh can be stretched to have a cosy feel. The pants have a few pockets of on the front and back to store small-sized items.


  • The pants have moisture absorption capacity.
  • Sun flux material protects the skin while playing under the hot Sun.


  • Packaging needs to be better.

#3 Under Armour Golf Pants

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Under Armour golf pants are fashionable looking and are made of soft and stretchable fabric, which remains cool and comfortable. The mesh waistbands are easy to expand and make the golfer relaxed while playing his shots. The nicely stitched hem vents remain perfect over the shoes. The pants are available in limited colours but mostly the brown or the khaki colour is popular among the golfers that get all attention.

Under Armour golf pants can be easily washable using the machine and can remain clean for a longer time. Most golfers enjoy playing golf while they move confidently on the golf course. The pants absorb the sweat and remain fresh and dust-free. The nicely stitched pockets and the multiple styles, designs and colours make the golfers play their best on the ground.


  • Stylish, soft and stretchable pants.
  • Absorb sweat and remains fresh.


  • Available in limited colors.

#4 PUMA Golf Pants

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The PUMA jackpot 5 pocket pant is the best pant ever. It is designed to keep skin sweat-free and relaxed. The pants are made with fibres that the moisture is absorbed clearly. To keep the shirt tucked in, a lighter mesh waistband with a silicone gripper is used. The pants with 5 pockets are useful while playing on the course for long. The pants are made of 100% polyester and remain long durable. The pants are designed with more space for legs and expandable waistband. 

The golf pants are available in different colours and shades. The PUMA jackpot 5 pockets pant is reliable and makes the player look confident during the game. It is available in short, medium and long sizes with proper fitting and makes it easy to choose and buy. 


  • The comfortable feel of the pant enhances confidence among the players.


  • Sometimes colours displayed in Photographs vary from actual.

#5 Nike Golf Pants

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Nike golf pants for men are manufactured using Dri-Fit techniques and offer complete relaxation to the legs and hip area while walking on the golf course. The fabric is mixed with 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, which remains shiny, clean and stretchable while playing the shots on the ground.  The ultra-soft brushed fabric absorbs all the sweat and keeps it dry even in the hot climate. 

The wide waistbands remain tight and can be expandable if required. Nike golf pants keep the shirt tucked inside even while swinging the club to play the shot. The pants are washable in the machine and remain polished even while using it regularly. The stylish well-fitted pants are available in various colours and it makes the players feel confident while moving on the golf course during the tourneys.


  • Stylish, well-fitted pants offer more value for your money.
  • Add extra comfort while playing the game and walking around.


  • Delivery of the product delays after booking.

Buying Guide for Golf Pants

Do you want to look like a professional golfer, while playing the game with your friends? Find out more about golf pants and how to get the best-suited golf pants for you in the buying guide.

Pant Size: The measurement of the pant depends on two sizes. The waist size and the length size of the golf pant. The pants are available from 30 inches to 44 inches with three different lengths, such as short, medium and long. Make sure of the sizes before you order it.

Pant Fittings: The golf pants are available in various fitting styles. Your fitting style defines your comfort area. The pant can have standard-fitting, tight-fitting, loose-fitting, skin fitting, pleated or flared. Choose the right fitting for the pant to feel relaxed.

The Material of the Pant: The golf pants are available mainly in two types of material. The synthetic material is made of nylon or polyester, which is stretchable and long durable. The cotton material is breathable, comfortable but needs regular cleaning and ironing. Also, you have to consider other facts such as pockets and their sizes, stretchable waistbands, style of stitching, and the affordable price.

Final Words:

The above-given links of the brand golf pants will definitely create interest in your mind and the buying guide will help you to know the various useful factors which help you to select the best golf pant for you or your family member and to have stylish look while enjoying the game.


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