As a golf enthusiast, you may already know that golf irons are the clubs that we use while we play golf. They do not have a long shaft when compared to the woods. Additionally, the heads of irons are made from steel or iron. These heads are flat, broad and usually have grooves. They have certain hotspots that help you in shooting the ball in a better way. If you are looking for a golf iron, we have to inform you that you have come to the right place.

We know that choosing a golf iron or a set of golf irons is a very tiresome job. Due to this reason, we have come with a list of top ten golf irons available in the market for purchase. In our enhanced list, we have individually described each product in vivid detail. Additionally, we have also provided the pros and cons of the products. Our list will surely help you choose the best golf iron(s). Let us now dive into our discussion – 

#1 Callaway Golf Iron

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This golf iron only weighs one pound and has left as well as right-hand orientation models. It has a 360 face cup and a component package design that provides you with maximum distance. It is light in weight and comes with extreme lofts. Additionally, the cup on the face of the iron helps in increasing the ball speed. The tungsten weighting in the product allows in easy and précised positioning. Buy this highly rated golf iron now to have the best-golfing experience.


  • The 360 face cup is there to provide an increment in the speed of the ball. 
  • The design of the iron is exceptionally sleek and stylish.


  • Some buyers reported that this iron has a lot of bounce.

#2 TaylorMade Golf Iron Set

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The TaylorMade Golf iron has secured the second position on our list. It comes with a right as well as for left-hand orientation and weighs 6 pounds. The face slot in the iron helps you in preserving the speed of the ball in individual shots. Additionally, the blade height of this iron is shallow, and the top line is thin, which gives it a compact look. This golf iron comes in a set that includes irons of different types. The geometry and shape of the product are such that it will help increase the launch angle.


  • The shafts of the irons are of very high quality. 
  • The trajectory that these irons provide is also excellent.


  • We have found no drawback to this product.

#3 Cleveland Golf Iron Set

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The shaft of these irons is made from graphite, which gives it a robust design and lightweight. The irons can be purchased with left as well as right-hand orientation. The construction of the rod is hollow, which gives the aerodynamic feature to the irons. This also helps in maximizing the forgiveness of the iron. The face has been incorporated with high strength steel, which allows you to generate extra impact as well as increases the golf ball speed.


  • The design of the product is very modern and progressive. 
  • The hollow design helps you move the iron more conveniently.


  • The price of the product lies at the high-end.

#4 Cobra Golf Iron Set

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This set of golf irons only comes with right-hand orientation. The offset design of the rods helps in creating higher and faster launches. This also helps you to make more précised and accurate shots. Additionally, the irons have a nickel and chrome plating that gives an overall aesthetic look to it. It also enhances the durability of the product. The packaged weight of the product is 5.5 pounds, and the product is available in black and gold colors.


  • You can choose the color of your irons to form black and gold colors.
  • The chrome plating increases the lifespan of the product.


  • These irons are only available with right-hand orientation.

#5 MAZEL Golf Iron

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In the fifth position of our list, we have the very famous golf iron, my Mazel. This gold iron is available in a single unit. You can choose the orientation of the iron from the left and right models. The style of the shaft can also be selected from – graphite and steel. The sweet spot of these irons is huge, which helps in improving the accuracy of your shots. There is also a provision of a rubber grip in the shaft that increases friction and does not slip.


  • The stainless steel model reduces unwanted vibrations very well. 
  • The rubber grip also helps in absorbing shock.


  • The shaft of the iron may feel long if you are someone who has a height below 6 feet.

Buying Guide Golf Irons

You should consider the following aspects before you buy a golf iron – 

Consider the type: There are generally two types of golf irons. These are – irons made using forged irons and irons made using cast irons. The forged irons have a less enhanced sweet spot but give excellent control over the trajectory. These irons are one-piece and have a solid look. On the other hand, cast irons are cheaper than forged irons. These irons have a very intricate design and have incredible designs on them.

Consider the design: Different golf irons have different designs. Based on this, we have the blade irons. Blade irons are the golf irons that have a thin top line and an even thinner face. They provide you with a compact hitting zone, and the weight of such irons is evenly distributed in the head. We also have the cavity back irons, which have a large perimeter and higher weight. These irons help in increasing the forgiveness (also known as moment of inertia) of the irons.

Consider the shaft: Shafts of golf irons are primarily made from either graphite or steel. The graphite shafts are less common. Shafts made from graphite are flexible and light in weight. They help in increasing the swing speed but do not give you a comfortable hold. On the other hand, steel shafts are very common. These shafts are much heavier and more reliable than the graphite shafts. Additionally, irons that have steel shafts are cheaper than those that have graphite shafts.

Consider the set: Golf irons can be bought in a set or as a single, individual unit. In our list, we have provided the irons that come in sets as well as singly. Whether you should buy a single golf iron or a set entirely depends upon your choice. Hence, we leave this aspect entirely up to you for consideration. 

Consider the features: There are many golf irons available for purchase in the market. However, these irons may have many different elements that may include – the face cup, shaft length, shaft design, weight, grip, height, etc. All these features can be required in different ways for different people. Hence, consider these features of a golf iron as per your requirement before you make a purchase. 

Consider the cost: Golf irons are often a one-time investment for people in the initial stage of golf. The cost of these irons hence becomes a crucial factor that needs your consideration. We recommend you to buy the iron or the set of irons that fits well in your budget and does not cost you a tremendous amount of money. 

Read online reviews: People who have bought the golf iron before you have posted honest and genuine reviews of the product. You may find these reviews on many e-commercial sites. These reviews will help you to understand the golf iron of your choice in a better way. Therefore, we recommend you to read such reviews carefully before adding a golf iron to your wishlist.


Choosing golf irons is very tough because there are many options in the market. This is why, to make your search easier, we came up with this list. Read all the details in the description very carefully, along with the pros and cons of the product. At the bottom of our list, we have also provided a buying guide for first-time buyers of golf irons. We decided on the aspects of this buying guide after a lot of research and study. Therefore, we hope that our list, as well as our buying guide, helped you in choosing your golf iron(s).


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